Jim Shilstone 1923-2010

Jim Shilstone
1923 - 2010

The Shilstone Companies, Inc.

Concrete Technology for Design and Construction

Jay Shilstone

Jay Shilstone

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10/6/17 - Due to a corporate restructuring at Command Alkon, Jay Shilstone is now available for full-time employment elsewhere. Contact Jay at the location below.

12/18/2010 - We regret to announce that Jim Shilstone passed away.


The Shilstone Companies provides a wide variety of services, but services fall into 2 primary areas - architectural concrete and concrete quality control (including mix design).


If you are interested in concrete quality control software, we recommend you check out COMMANDqc, from Command Alkon. This full featured concrete quality management system is meant for concrete producers who need to manage large numbers of concrete mixes at the same time. Whether you have 1 plant or 100 plants, COMMANDqc can help producers make better concrete.

In 2005 the Shilstone sold their software business to Contek, in Montreal, Canada. For information about seeMIX please contact Contek. Please be aware that no Shilstones are involved with Contek any more.

Magazine articles and Resources

Over the last few years Jay Shilstone has authored a number of resources relating to concrete quality control that are freely available. You can access them from the following list:


Webinars The Concrete Producer magazine The Concrete Times (UK publication) Florida Independent Concrete & Associated Products (association newsletter)


Jay's travel schedule for Winter, 2018 is as follows:
If you will be at one of these events, please look him up!

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